Finding The Right Pet-Friendly Apartment

15 December 2022
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It's not always easy finding a pet-friendly apartment, even though so many households have pets. When looking for a new place to live, your search becomes much more challenging when you need to find an apartment that will allow you to bring your pet. Many landlords worry that if they allow pets, there will be more damage to the unit, odors, etc.  If you need a pet-friendly apartment, you should consider the following during your search for a place: Read More 

How To Find A Luxury Apartment That Fits All Your Needs

26 October 2022
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Most luxury apartments will have all the amenities and features that you desire. However, finding an apartment that fits all your needs is also important. Some apartments will have certain restrictions, such as no pets allowed or a minimum lease agreement. Here are a few tips to help you find a luxury apartment that accommodates all your needs.  Check the Amenities List  Most luxury apartments will have a list of amenities included in the rent price. Read More 

How Commercial Real Estate Appraisals Are Different Than Residential

29 September 2022
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An appraisal is a tool used to determine value when purchasing a piece of property. Residential and commercial appraisals are entirely different, however. Here's how. The lender orders an appraisal to determine the value. Both residential and commercial lenders need to understand how much the property, house, or building is worth to determine the LTV or loan-to-value. While the required LTV may vary based on your credit score, the property's condition, and even outside influences, like the state of the economy, most lenders want you to have some skin in the game. Read More 

Everything You Need To Know About State-Licensed Appraisers And Their Appraisals

22 August 2022
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Understanding the state-certified real estate appraisal process is vital whether you are a new home buyer or a seasoned homeowner.  The following is everything you need to know about licensed appraisers and real estate appraisals: State-Licensed Real Estate Appraisers Only real estate appraisers licensed by the state can legally perform a state-certified appraisal. It is the appraiser's job to visit the property in question, take measurements, inspect various aspects, and then provide a professional opinion of its current market value. Read More 

Top Things To Pay Attention To When Looking At Home Listings

13 July 2022
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If you are thinking about buying a home, you might be ready to start looking at home listings. Luckily, it's typically pretty easy to look at home listings online, but you do have to know what to look for. Naturally, you'll want to view homes in person before you get too serious about purchasing one, but you can avoid wasting time looking at houses that aren't going to be right for you by properly looking at listings. Read More