Finding The Right Pet-Friendly Apartment

15 December 2022
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

It's not always easy finding a pet-friendly apartment, even though so many households have pets. When looking for a new place to live, your search becomes much more challenging when you need to find an apartment that will allow you to bring your pet. Many landlords worry that if they allow pets, there will be more damage to the unit, odors, etc. 

If you need a pet-friendly apartment, you should consider the following during your search for a place:

How Much More Do They Charge to Allow Pets?

Most landlords charge extra fees for tenants with pets to cover potential costs for damage. They might charge more for the monthly rental costs or require an additional upfront deposit to cover the cleaning costs when you move out. Before you choose a place, you should ensure that you can afford the extra charges. 

Do They Allow Your Type of Pet?

Even if an apartment is advertised as pet-friendly, they may only allow some types of animals. For example, certain dog breeds, such as pit bulls, might be banned, or their size and weight may be limited. Make sure you're completely honest about which pets you have so there isn't any confusion with your landlord, or you might be evicted for breaking the rules if you're ever caught.

Are There Additional Restrictions?

Once you find an apartment that accepts your pet, consider looking into other restrictions that might be in place. For example, some apartment complexes will require cats to stay indoors, they won't allow dogs outside without a leash, etc. When you settle into your apartment, the last thing you want to happen is to lose it over a rule you weren't aware of, so read your lease thoroughly. 

Is There Adequate Outdoor Space?

Depending on what kind of pet you have, you'll probably need to take them outside for walks, fresh air, etc. Some apartment complexes have dedicated dog parks or areas where your pet can play, but others may not. You should consider if there are enough areas nearby to take them out so they're not cooped up inside all day.

Will Your Pet Disturb People Who Live Nearby?

Another thing you should consider when searching for a pet-friendly apartment is whether or not you'll disturb other residents. Even if you find a place with low pet fees, no breed restrictions, and lots of outdoor space for your pet to play, you should be sure the building is set up so that your pet won't disturb other people there. After all, you want your new neighbors to like and respect you.

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