What Are The Top Four Priorities When Seeking Commercial Real Estate?

7 June 2023
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

If you are currently looking for commercial real estate for your business, then there are several considerations to prioritize that will help to ensure the best possible outcome. Making the right choice with commercial properties is critical if you don't want to negatively impact your business's chances of growth and future success. The five primary considerations when assessing available commercial properties are outlined below.

1. Property Location

The first and perhaps most important consideration is location. This factor influences the accessibility of your business to both your customers as well as your employees. Consider if the area is easy to reach and whether other commercial properties operate successfully in the area. Good commercial real estate will have convenient access to Interstates and airports these days. Additionally, consider the visibility of the property. Commercial properties with a highly visible location will be desirable among certain business sectors, such as retail stores and restaurants, for instance.

2. Square Footage 

The second factor to weigh up in all of the available industrial properties you see is size. After all, the size of the property should adequately meet your business needs, not just now but also what you anticipate you will need down the line. It is crucial to ensure that there is enough space for your employees, equipment, and inventory when assessing commercial real estate. Of course, you must also consider the layout of the space and if it's suitable for your operations.

3. Available Facilities

Thirdly, the building infrastructure of commercial real estate should play a significant role in how suitable it may be. Available facilities include factors like electrical capacity, HVAC systems, internet connectivity, and parking, among others. For example, a tech company would require a high-speed internet connection while a production facility might need an upgraded electrical system. Always check the infrastructure of commercial properties to ensure your business operations will be fully supported.

4. Real Estate Cost

Clearly, cost is a significant consideration in any business decision. Bear in mind that although it might be tempting to go for a cheaper location, you must consider other factors like renovation and operational costs. Furthermore, a more expensive location might save you money in the long run due to its superior infrastructure and the increased likelihood of attracting high-quality employees. When considering cost, also take into account the lease terms of commercial real estate, something that can differ considerably from one location to the next.

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