Reasons To Get A Real Estate Inspection When Buying A House

22 February 2023
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

Investing money in a house requires a commitment. After all, homes are costly, so you'll want to choose the right house. The right house suits your needs and is in a great location. However, a great house is also one without major flaws. Hiring real estate inspectors can help you with your home selection. So if you're buying a house, you need a real estate inspection for the following reasons.

You'll learn about the home's problems

The primary thing a real estate inspection provides is information about the home's condition. You can learn the home's positive qualities, but you'll also learn its flaws. For example, you'll learn if the roof needs repairs or replacement. You'll also learn the condition of the windows, doors, plumbing, and flooring. A real estate inspection report lists everything the inspector checks and the condition of each. Of course, you can attend this assessment to ask questions during it. But if you don't attend, you'll still receive a report when the inspector finalizes the assessment.

You can use the report to negotiate the price

If you added an inspection contingency to your purchase offer, you can use the inspection report to negotiate the price. For example, suppose the home has a major flaw that will cost $25,000 to fix. You can ask the seller to fix the issue or reduce the price by $25,000. You can use the inspection report as the basis of this request. The seller can respond by agreeing to your request or backing out of the deal. Of course, you'll benefit in either case.

You can choose to buy a different home

You can also withdraw from the deal if you don't want the house after discovering major flaws. In this case, you can tell the seller about the issues the inspector found. Then, you can say you don't want the house anymore due to these issues. The seller must legally let you out of the deal if you have an inspection contingency in the purchase offer.

Don't buy a house without hiring real estate inspectors

A house is an investment. Thus, you should take the appropriate steps to find the right one. One of the best steps is hiring real estate inspectors to analyze the home before closing the deal. Hiring an inspector gives you the information you need to decide how to proceed with your home purchase. So don't buy a house without hiring one. 

For more info, contact a local real estate inspector