Expanding Your Company's Base Of Operations? 3 Tips For Evaluating Commercial Properties For Sale

25 March 2022
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

The need to expand your company's base of operations is an important sign of a healthy business. But the need to serve a growing roster of clients and customers often requires making changes to provide increased space or a new facility that is better positioned to serve the company's needs. While building a new location from the ground up is an option, most companies find that looking at commercial properties for sale in their area is the faster, more cost-effective way to fulfill their need for a larger base of operations. 

Business owners who plan to look at properties for sale can use the following tips to help them narrow their choices to those that are likely to be best suited to their needs. 

Suitable zoning

Taking time to verify the zoning for any commercial property under consideration is one of the first steps prospective purchasers should take in their quest to find a suitable new home for their company. In addition to looking at existing zoning to ensure that your company's activities would be permissible in that location, it is important to also look at any future zoning changes that may be planned for the area. If a selected property will require a zoning variance or other change, prospective buyers will want to make sure that any offer they submit has contingencies to protect their interests. 

Transportation and access

The next factor to consider when comparing commercial properties is the location of the property in relation to both transportation options and the general ease of access to the facility. Properties located conveniently near shipping options that best fit the company's needs should be given preference, when possible. Additionally, prospective purchasers should carefully examine factors that will make the facility easier to access for employees, delivery drivers, and others. 

Future potential 

A third factor worth considering when looking at commercial properties for sale is whether there is any known future potential associated with each property under consideration. For example, is there any additional land available for future expansion needs, any plans to make changes in city infrastructure that would be beneficial to your company, or any existing businesses in the area that would complement your own business model?

Considering the purchase of any commercial property for sale is a big step, even for companies in growth mode. Working with a reputable commercial real estate broker or agent will help ensure that the property you ultimately purchase will be beneficial to your company's current and future success.

For more information on commercial properties for sale, contact a real estate agency.