Pets? Cigarette Smoke? Tips For Dealing With These Problems When Selling Your Single Family Home

23 June 2021
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

While every homeowner hopes their property will look pristinely clean when buyers view it, some will face more challenges than others in trying to make that happen. In particular, homeowners who have noticeable odor issues caused by either pets or cigarette smoke can struggle to make their home feel clean and fresh, even when every room is in good order. 

If you are worried about these types of odor problems, the following tips can help you remove stubborn smells and improve your home's ability to appeal to qualified buyers. 

Deal with soft surfaces

Soft surfaces, like carpeting, draperies, and area rugs, absorb odors easily. If exposed to odors over a long time from pets or cigarette and cigar smoke, they may retain the odors even after being cleaned. If possible, sellers should consider removing carpets and area rugs and replacing them with hard, non-porous flooring, like tile or laminate, that will not absorb smells. 

Draperies or window shades made of fabric can also absorb and hold onto unpleasant smells. If possible, homeowners should consider replacing draperies and window shades with shutters made from less porous materials like vinyl or wood to help ensure their home feels fresh, clean, and odor-free. 

Use the right paint and primer

A fresh coat of interior paint is something most sellers add to brighten and freshen the rooms of their homes. Instead of selecting regular interior wall paint, homeowners dealing with odors should consider painting or priming each room's walls and woodwork with odor-controlling paint or primer. 

Odor-controlling paint and primer products work because they are formulated to seal the surface on which they are applied. Odors are sealed underneath the paint or primer layer and will not seep through once the surface is dry. 

Available in an array of colors and formulations, similar to regular interior paint and primer products, odor-controlling paint can offer a relatively inexpensive way to cover surfaces that have become stained due to cigarette and cigar smoke, soot from wood fireplaces or candles, or cooking and age. Painting with odor-controlling paint will also help to eliminate pet odors that have been absorbed into painted or drywall surfaces. 

Taking steps to eliminate unpleasant odors before listing your single-family home for sale is only part of a good selling experience. To learn more about how to sell your single-family house, deal with buyer viewings, or create a well-lit, attractive interior, take time to discuss your selling situation with a real estate professional.