Insight to Help You With a Professional Appraisal

1 April 2021
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

The value of your home can increase over time, providing you with equity to borrow against with a home equity loan. In this situation or in the event that you need to sell your home, you will need to hire a professional appraisal service. Here are some tips to help you with your upcoming home appraisal.

Clean Your Home

One of the first things you can complete to make your appraisal go more smoothly is to clean your home. Go through to make sure that surfaces and fixtures are clean, pick up clutter, and clean off carpet stains. This will give your home an appearance of being well taken care of, which is something that can help the appraiser provide more accurate information. A clean home also shows the appraiser that you take care of the property and, it will reflect on the appraisee's evaluation of the home's condition. Keep in mind the home's physical condition will be a factor in its calculation, so clean the home areas.

Make the Right Updates

There are many ways you can help improve the value of your property so it can appraise for as much as possible. And if you are considering moving or adding some improvements, you can usually make certain improvements to help in its sale or to simply increase its value so you can take a home mortgage against its equity.

However, not every home improvement or renovation you do will boost your home's value. Often some home renovations will only put into the property the cost of the improvement, but some renovations will increase your property value by more than the cost of the renovations. Some areas that give you the most return for their cost is kitchen and bathroom renovations, especially a master bathroom suite combination. And if you are looking to replace the flooring in your home for the appraisal, updating it to hardwood flooring is a more beneficial improvement. Then, look at adding an enclosed garage whenever it is possible and improve and update the landscaping.

Leave Yourself Time

When you arrange for the appraisal, make sure you schedule it in enough time so that you have time to complete any other arrangements after the appraisal. For example, if you are looking to sell your home, you will need an appraisal to be completed in time so you can arrange for any repairs on your home. If your appraiser has found issues in the home that you can fix, be sure to have the time to get the work done so your appraiser can compile the repairs into their report and submit the final appraisal value. Doing so will help you avoid having to rush to make specific repairs so your mortgage paperwork can get completed in a timely manner.