Ready To Retire Somewhere In The Outdoors? Considerations To Talk To Your Realtor About

19 October 2020
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

Retiring is something you have been working for and hopefully planning on for years and years. Rather than just staying put, though, you may have dreams of moving somewhere else; after all, you can still chase your dreams during retirement.  Whether you are thinking of a ranch, farm, or mountain house, there are a few things for you to talk to a real estate agent about. 

Buy a Farm

Having a farm with either a bunch of open land or some animals is a great way to retire without fully retiring because you will definitely have your work cut out for you. Before you go under contract on the first farm you see, however, there are a few things to keep in mind: 

  • The House: If you intend on living on your farm then you are going to need a house, but what is the condition of the house? Is it falling apart? Are you going to have to gut it? What is the state of it? 
  • Trees: Trees can be really good or really bad for farming. You want to make sure that you have enough trees to keep some shade in certain parts of your property, but you also want to make sure that there is enough room to grow things like hay and to have places for your animals to graze.  

Buy a Ranch

Living out in the country with a bunch of horses may be your perfect idea of retirement. After all, what's more enchanting than recreating your childhood fantasies of being a real-life cowboy or cowgirl? When you are looking into purchasing a ranch property, there are several things that you will want to take into consideration including: 

  • Water Rights: You aren't going to be able to keep cattle alive and happy if you don't have any water on your property. 
  • Leasing agreements: While you may or may not intend to rent out some of your land to other ranchers, the previous owners of the property you are looking into may already have agreements in place. If that's the case then make sure you are aware of all of the contractual details. 
  • Land Survey: A land survey may be an added expense to add to an already expensive process of buying property but it will be worth it so that you can see exactly where your property lines are. 

Mountain House

If you want to enjoy the outdoors but you don't necessarily want to farm or ranch then you may just want to get a house in the mountains; that way you can enjoy all of the beauty of nature without having to work for anything. When looking into a mountain house, talk to your real estate agent about: 

  • Views: Will anybody be allowed to obstruct your views by building in front of it? Are you prohibited from doing certain things to obstruct someone else's views?

For more information about ranches for sale, contact a real estate agent.