There Are Good Reasons A Townhouse Could Be The Right Property To Buy

21 November 2019
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

Perhaps you are a first-time homebuyer looking for a more affordable option than a detached house. Or perhaps you are downsizing from a single-family, larger home and thought that instead of a condo or apartment, you want to buy a townhouse instead. There are certain advantages to buying a townhouse over a condo or a single-family home.

Here are some things to consider before you buy your new home.

The Cost Is Better

If this is your first home, a townhouse may save you a lot of money in the end. Townhouses are typically cheaper than larger or single-family detached homes. There are some larger townhouses with two and three stories that can have adequate living space, bedrooms, and multiple bathrooms so a larger family could fit in comfortably.

The cost is typically better for a townhouse for those downsizing as too. They get to have the larger space of a home instead of a condo, but also save money by buying a smaller property.

Property Maintenance Is Taken Care Of

If you buy a single-family home, you usually must take care of the property maintenance yourself. This means you must mow your lawn and shovel your driveway and walkway when it snows. In a townhouse complex, the maintenance of the overall property is taken care of by property management.

Just like with a condo, a building management company takes care of the overall maintenance of the communal property so you don't have to. This is great if you are elderly or are disabled, or perhaps you have a busy lifestyle and the thought of yard work taking away your weekend time doesn't appeal to you.

It is possible, however, that you may still have to take care of your own backyard. Check with the Homeowners Association for the townhouse complex to make sure.

Homeowners Insurance Could Be Partially Covered

If you have a single-family family home, you know it's important to have insurance to cover the cost of any damage or destruction of property should a fire, flood, or any type of damage occur. In a townhouse, it could be possible that at least a portion of your homeowner's insurance could be covered by the Homeowners Association.

If this is the case — it's a good idea to check beforehand — find out how much is your portion and how much they will cover. Always check what exactly is covered as well. For example, are earthquakes and floods covered? If there are certain items missing that aren't covered, you might want to include them in your own part of the coverage.

Reach out to a local real estate agent for more information about townhouses for sale in your area.