Are You Starting A Multigenerational Household? 3 Tips For Converting Your Garage Into A Granny Flat

30 October 2017
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Today, many families are opting to live with multiple generations under the same roof. While this type of living arrangement helps promote independence for senior adults, it is also important to be sensitive to everyone's needs for personal space. A garage apartment conversion is a wonderful solution that allows everyone just enough privacy when its needed while still being near enough to gather as a family. As you prepare to convert attached garage to living space, use these tips to ensure that it goes smoothly:

Get Your Loved One Involved

Start the conversion process by opening up a dialogue with your parent about their preferences. For instance, your loved one may prefer for their living space to be completely open, or they may want to have separate sections screened off so that it feels more like an apartment. You will also need to decide things with your loved one such as whether they will share the main house's kitchen and bathroom when converting garage to living space.

Plan for the Basic Essentials

It is easy to get so caught up in planning the fun stuff that the basics get forgotten. Arrange for a granny flat builder to conduct an inspection of your current house's design so that you can begin to plan for the basic steps of completing the conversion. For instance, most garage spaces will need flooring and additional insulation to make it more comfortable for your loved one.

Focus on Accessibility

When you convert attached garage for seniors, you should also design the layout to increase accessibility and promote safety. For instance, you may need to have stairs replaced with a ramp for your loved one to enter the home if they experience reduced mobility. You may also want to keep shelves low enough for your loved one to reach without having to stand on a ladder. If the garage conversion includes installing a bathroom, then make sure that you go the extra mile by adding features such as handrails that allow your loved one to maintain their independence for longer.

Granny flats are a popular choice for families that are combining several generations under one roof, and garage conversions can add value to your home when they are done right. Now that you've got your loved one on board with planning their new living space, start making the arrangements to get the conversion done so that your family can benefit from the opportunity to bond.

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