Looking For A Unique Real Estate Advertising Opportunity? Sponsor A Local Youth Sports Team

20 January 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

When you work as a real estate agent, you'll find that advertising your services around the community is highly competitive. Bench advertising, flyers in mailboxes, and even enormous signs along the side of the road can be effective, but it's probable that other agents are taking these steps, too. If you're looking for a unique method of spreading the word about your business, consider contacting a local youth sports league and finding out if it's looking for sponsors. In many cases, you'll find that individual teams can be sponsored — this involves paying a designated amount of money at the start of the season and having your brand's name and logo on the team's jersey. Here are some reasons to take this creative approach.

Prolonged Attention On Your Name

If you were to advertise on a bench, for example, motorists might only see your ad for a second as they pass by. When your name is on youth sports jerseys, however, parents of the athletes will essentially be seeing your name for the length of each game. This may mean that your name is in a place of prominence in peoples' minds for an hour or more every week. This is the type of staying power you covet when looking for an advertising solution.

Opportunity To Meet Prospective Clients

When you sponsor a youth sports team, it's a clever idea to show up to some of their games. You can wear a shirt or windbreaker with your name/brand, and while you watch the game, it's likely that some parents will approach you. Many will simply thank you for your sponsorship, but others will engage you in conversation — perhaps asking you about local real estate trends or even asking if you can help them buy or sell their home. Your attendance at a handful of games throughout the season could yield several clients.

Recognition At The Banquet

It's customary for youth sports leagues and teams to hold banquets at the end of the season. While this event is an opportunity to hand out trophies, it's also a chance for the league to publicly thank the various sponsors. This means that you will get thanked on stage, giving all the parents in attendance — including parents of children on other teams — a chance to hear your name. Additionally, sponsors can often set up information booths at the banquet, so you may get parents coming up to you to talk about real estate as a result.