Buying Rural Property: What To Look For

13 January 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

Living out in the country is a great way to get away from the bustling city and find some privacy and serenity for yourself. You can buy land to build a custom home on or you can purchase an existing rural property that is ready for you to move in. As you explore your real estate options make sure you check for a few key things so you can make the most educated decision.

Distance from town

If you are wanting to live outside of the city, keep in mind how far from town you actually want to live. You will have to take into consideration your drive to work and to get groceries, to bring your kids to school, and to perform other daily or weekly tasks. Driving into town takes time and costs more in gasoline, so keep this factor in mind as you shop for rural property. It's wise to decide in advance just how far out of town you are willing to live so you can discuss this with your real estate agent. This way, they only show you properties and real estate that are within your realm of travel.

You will also want to explore land and properties for sale that are close to main highways and freeways for quicker, easier access to your nearest town. If you are worried about winter weather conditions, check with your state and city ordinances to make sure the main roads and lanes surrounding the property you are looking at are plowed regularly in poor weather so you have safe access to civilization.

Well and septic install

If you are looking at land that hasn't been prepared for residential living yet, you will face having to install a well and septic tank on your own. This expense can add up, making your land purchase more expensive than you may have originally though. A well alone can cost upwards of $15 a foot to dig, so keep this in mind as you shop for land. It may be in your best interest to buy land that has already had a well and septic prepared so you can build your home's foundation immediately. Research the costs of digging a well and septic in your area and add that cost to land for sale to see which option is best for your finances.

Buying rural land and property can be a great way for you to achieve your dream of home ownership. Talk to your real estate agent about properties that may be available in your area within your budget.