Four Reasons It's Better To Hire Professionals For Water Damage Restoration Than To DIY It

6 January 2017
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 If you have had water damage in your home from a flood or burst plumbing pipe, you are going to need to perform water damage restoration cleanup to ensure that mold does not grow and your home continues to be livable. When it comes to water damage restoration, you can either DIY the project or hire professionals. Here are four reasons to hire professionals over using any DIY option:

  1. Find Hidden Water Damages: Professionals are trained to understand how water moves through a home, which allows them to find hidden areas where there is water damage. For example, if the water flowed into the drywall or insulation of the home, then you are going to need to replace this. Professionals will be able to find this and remove the water from these areas. This is important for maintaining the strength of your home and for preventing health issues. If mold grows in these hidden areas, it will lead to you and your family breathing in mold spores without knowing it, which affects health seriously. 
  2. Professional Equipment: When it comes to hiring professionals, you can be sure that you are actually saving money because you won't have to invest in purchasing professional equipment to remove water from your home. The professionals will already have this and know how to use it correctly. One of the most important pieces of professional equipment includes shop vacs, which powerfully suctions the water out of your home. 
  3. Helps With Insurance Claim: If you had water damage in your home, you likely want to file an insurance claim if your insurance policy covers it. When you hire professionals for water damage restoration, it helps with the insurance claim. This is because if you DIY the work, it's more difficult to prove the cost of repairs. On top of this, your insurance company will possibly deny your claim since they will only trust professionals to make the water damage restoration repairs that are needed. 
  4. Quick Response: When you call professionals, they respond the same day to clean up the water damage. This way, mold does not get a chance to start to grow in your home. When you are dealing with a flood in your home, you are likely going to take time to get your family somewhere safe, gather your belongings, and more. This is going to delay your process on getting started on the water damage restoration, which will make the task much more difficult. 

When you know these four reasons to hire professionals, you can see why it's well worth the investment.