Look Before You Lease: Renting Retail Space For Your Salon

4 January 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

Opening a new salon can be an exciting and overwhelming venture. In order to ensure that your salon has the greatest chance at success, you need to house your new business in the right retail space. It's important that you evaluate potential properties with salon-specific needs in mind to ensure that you lease the space that is best suited to house your salon in the future.

Here are three important characteristics to look for as you look at potential properties to lease for your new salon.

1. Access to ample electricity.

The styling activities that take place in a salon setting require access to a significant flow of electricity. In order to prevent the need for costly electrical upgrades once you move into your new salon, you should be looking for retail spaces that can meet your electrical needs prior to signing a lease.

Determine the number of styling stations you will have, and then check for outlets that can provide 110 volts, 20 amps of power for each station. Wet stations need access to GFI outlets for safety, and you also need to check for electrical outlets where you will place a receptionist desk and washer and dryer.

2. Access to a lot of hot water.

In order to ensure that your clients are comfortable when having their hair washed and that you are able to clean your towels and capes thoroughly in the wash cycle, your new salon will need access to a lot of hot water.

As you evaluate potential properties to lease, you should ask about the hot water heater that is installed in each property. Leasing a retail space with a tankless water heater already installed will ensure you have access to on-demand hot water in the future.

3. Access to enough space.

The last thing you want is for your new salon space to feel crowded, since this can make it difficult for clients to relax and for stylists to do their jobs effectively. You should know your space needs prior to beginning the hunt for a retail space to lease.

A good rule of thumb to use when planning your space needs is to calculate 150 to 200 square feet per stylist. You should also include space for a receptionist desk, waiting area, and retail area where you can sell product to your customers.

Leasing retail space for your new salon can be overwhelming if you aren't prepared prior to starting the search for a suitable space. Come to each walk-through armed with information on your electrical, hot water, and space needs to ensure you lease the best space for your budding salon business.