Make Guests Feel Welcome And Provide Them With Information During An Open House

21 December 2016
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

If you want guests to feel welcome at an upcoming open house and provide them with information about the house and property that you are selling, the following tips can be used.

Add Appeal To The Home's Porch

Sweep off your home's porch and reduce clutter by packing up furniture or decorations that are showing signs of wear. Place a few basic chairs and a small table on the porch in place of the items that were previously displayed. Set a vase of flowers on the table to enhance the sitting area. Hang a sign on the door that welcomes people to the open house. Secure colorful balloons next to the sign to attract attention.

When people arrive, greet them and welcome them to sit down with you if they would like to ask some specific questions about the property and home or would like to take in the porch's surroundings while seated.

Offer A Light Meal And Beverages

Prepare some finger foods, such as sandwiches, vegetable slices, and crackers and cheese. Arrange the items on trays and place them on a long table that is set up on one side of the home's kitchen or dining room. Provide paper plates, plastic cutlery, and cups. Fill a small cooler with ice and add a variety of canned or bottled drinks to it. Once people are done viewing the home and property, offer the food items and drinks to them.

Anyone who needs to travel a long distance after leaving the open house will appreciate being able to satiate their hunger and thirst before getting on the road. People may also be grateful for your hospitality and be more inclined to approach you if they would like to learn more in-depth information about a specific feature in the home. 

Give Out Flyers

Hire a real estate agent to assist you with creating flyers that showcase some of the home's characteristics and that provide a detailed description of the property that it is located on. Select a wide range of photographs of your home and the property during different seasons of the year. Once a layout for the flyers is complete, have several copies of them made. Place the flyers in a basket that is set up on a table. People who stop by for the open house can learn more about the home and property and can refresh their memory about specific details once they get home.