Automotive Buff? Look For A Luxury Garage With Your High-End Home Purchase

19 October 2016
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

Whether you have an existing car collection or you've finally reached a financial level at which you're ready to begin amassing a collection, it might be time to look for a new home with a garage that can accommodate. When you own high-end vehicles, you won't want to leave them parked in your driveway. Instead, you should partner with a real estate agent who specializes in luxury homes to find a house that has a garage that will suit your needs. Luxury garages are about more than simply providing a space to store your vehicles; they often have a museum-like quality, perfect for inviting friends to your home to check out your fleet. Here are some features of luxury garages that you might want.

Car Elevator

A car elevator is a common feature present in luxury garages. This elevator, which typically has open sides and is designed to accommodate one car at a time, can work in various ways. Some people have the elevator set up to lower a vehicle down to a hidden basement area of the garage. For others, the elevator will take a car up to the second level of the garage to display. Either way, the elevator allows you to fit more vehicles into the luxury garage.

Entertaining Area

If your car collection is such that people will want to come tour your garage to check out the vehicles, be on the hunt for a luxury garage that features an entertainment area. This area can come in many forms; perhaps it's an open second level that overlooks where the cars are parked and features a wet bar, entertainment area and plenty of seating for when you entertain a large group of automotive enthusiasts. Or, it could include a wine cellar and cigar room in the basement of the garage near where the car elevator descends.

Extra Accommodations

You wouldn't think of having an overnight guest stay in your garage in a conventional home, but this is often possible in a luxury home with a high-end garage. Look for a garage that features living space for guests; often, it will come in the form of a loft that can serve as a one-bedroom apartment. This living space will include a separate bedroom, as well as a bathroom and other such features. In some cases, the living quarters will be adjacent to the entertaining area, thus providing plenty of livable space within the garage.

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