3 Questions To Ask During A Final Walkthrough Before Closing

14 October 2016
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

The final walkthrough of a home is a chance to spot any issues before the closing. Ideally, the walkthrough will occur in the few days leading up to the closing. If there are issues, you and the seller have an opportunity to work through those problems. When walking through the home for the final time, it is important that you know what to look for. Here are some questions to ask yourself as you tour the home.  

Did the Seller Make Requested Repairs?

After the inspection of the home, if there were any issues that were noticed that the seller agreed to fix, you need to ensure those repairs were made during your walkthrough. If not, you need to find out if the seller plans to have those repairs made before close. If so, ask the seller to schedule a time for you to review the repairs before closing.  

If the seller is unwilling or unable to make the repairs, your realtor can help negotiate with the seller to cover the costs of the repairs. For instance, the seller could agree to pay towards the closing costs in exchange for you covering the costs of the repairs.  

Is There New Damage to the Home?

Unfortunately, accidents can occur and result in new damage. If there is new damage, now is the time to work with the seller is have it repaired. If you fail to mention the new damage or make arrangements with the seller to take care of it, once the closing is complete, you could be left solely responsible for the new damage.  

It is important to note that minor damage, such as nail holes in the wall, are part of the normal wear and tear associated with moving and might not be worth mentioning. However, more serious damage, such as a hole in the floor, must be addressed.  

Did the Seller Remove Items?

When you and the seller signed the purchase contract, he or she agreed to certain items being left in the home. Unfortunately, sellers sometimes take those items out of the home and the buyer ends up taking measures to regain ownership of the items or takes the loss. 

While touring the home, ensure that the seller has left all of the items that he or she promised. If not, ask for the return of those. If the seller is unwilling, your realtor can help you determine your next course of action.  

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