What Sellers Need To Know: Tips For Socializing At An Open House For A Luxury Condo

31 August 2016
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

When you place a luxury condo for sale, it's important to keep in mind that you are selling a lifestyle as much as the condo itself. People aren't looking for a condo as much as they want the upgrade in lifestyle that they are sure a luxury condo will provide. Be sure to accentuate all the ways that your condo can do just that. When you socialize at an open house, greet buyers and be willing to chat about your condo with these things in mind.

Offer Refreshments and Small Talk

One way to ensure that all your open house guests has a good time is to personally serve refreshments. While many open houses have a refreshment spread of some kind, few will have a seller who personally acts as the host. When you are serving up refreshments, this gives you a chance to mingle and meet potential buyers. Explain who you are and offer to answer questions.

Open Up in a Sincere Way

Talk about the things you genuinely love about your condo. Yes, you may not like everything about it, but the truth is that some of your dislikes may be unique to your own preferences. Something you dislike about the condo may be what someone else treasures about it. By keeping the conversation to what you love about the condo, you are inviting potential buyers to see the condo through your enthusiastic eyes and consider the possibility of living there, too.

Stay Away from the Hard Sell

Your real estate agent will likely be on hand throughout the open house, and they are focused on helping you and your condo shine. They are experienced with how to talk to buyers, so follow their lead and advice when it comes to what local buyers are seeking. Generally speaking, you want to stay away from hard sell tactics. More simply put, don't go over the top with how you speak to buyers. If you are trying to get them to buy the place today by making unrealistic promises about it, most buyers will see a red flag. Nobody wants to feel pressured. Simply assist the buyer and provide honest, enthusiastic information.

Finally, keep in mind that you never know which potential buyer may be serious. Treat each visitor to an open house with respect. Assume that they want to know all about how cool your luxury condo is. When you are friendly and considerate while keeping your eye on your selling goals, you can help entice potential buyers to learn more and take action after visiting the open house.