4 Ways To Make Your Open House Successful

5 August 2016
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

If you would like to sell your current home, you may be trying to find strategies to ensure that it is sold quickly and as close to the asking price as possible. One effective strategy is holding an open house. An open house gives potential buyers and the real estate professionals who may be representing them the opportunity to review your property. Additionally, it allows you to present your home in its most aesthetically appealing state. Here are a few things that you should do to ensure that your open house is as successful as possible:

Advertise the event.

Post an announcement for your open house in the local paper and on online publications, such as Craig's List. You can even use social media to promote the event. Be sure to include your address and the starting and ending times of the event. Also, post signs around your neighborhood indicating that an open house is being held.

People are unable to attend an event if they are not aware that it is taking place. Proper advertisement can help ensure that you receive the maximum number of responders.

De-personalize your space.

Although your children and other family members may be adorable, covering your living space with their photos can make it difficult for potential buyers to see the space as neutral. To them, it still looks like your home, so it may be hard for them to see it as theirs.

Replace your personal photographs with decorative neutral images, such as artistic photos and artwork.

Minimize the clutter.

When most people move to a new home, they realize just how many possessions that they have accumulated over time. Just prior to your open house, try to get rid of everything that you don't need in your living space. Additionally, if the home is too small to accommodate many the possessions that you plan to keep, store the excess items away. The more cluttered your home appears, the smaller it seems.

Use inviting fragrances in your space.

To prepare for your open house, make sure that the living space smells fresh and clean. Try not to use heavily perfumed fragrances. Instead, employ natural scents, such as citrus smells. Additionally, inviting homey fragrances, such as the smell of homemade cookies, can invoke a positive response from potential buyers.

To learn more things that you can do to make your open house successful, consult a real estate professional in your area.