These 4 Things Could Make Your Safe Last A Lifetime

14 July 2016
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Do you own or plan to purchase a safe for your home? If so, it is a good idea to know some basic approaches you can take towards maintaining your safe so it lasts for a number of years. The following are actions that you can take to extend the life of your safe. 

Determine whether you have the right kind of safe. 

Certain types of safes have features that make them ideal. This means that you should not assume that owning a safe is all that you need to consider. For example, if you have a safe that is intended to house important documents, you should ensure that you have a safe that is fire and waterproof. A standard safe might permit the inner contents to become damaged if there is a fire or other type of emergency involving copious amounts of water. 

Routinely clean and access the safe.

Some people put their items inside a safe and then rarely access them again. This is a mistake that could result in you overlooking missing items from your safe. It may also permit dirt and grime accumulation around the parts since they will not be moving as much. You could make it a routine to open and clean your safe once a month, which would allow you to inventory the contents and clean your safe. Ensure that you allow the safe to dry if you use water during cleaning because your safe may be constructed of materials that are prone to rusting. 

Oil the locking bolts as needed. 

Use a lubricant on the bolts as needed, which is likely not going to be every week or month. If you notice that your safe door is hard to open or if it makes squeaking noises, try oiling the bolts. 

Request professional safe servicing annually. 

Some people assume that they do not need maintenance if their safes appear to be in pristine condition and they are caring for their DIY maintenance. If you neglect to get your safe serviced, you may forfeit your warranty. It is also possible that your safe could become unoperational and inconvenience you. 

A safe maintenance provider can be used as a resource if you do not understand the basic care of your safe. They can also inspect, identify, and possibly repair damaged components of safes. If your current safe is no longer meeting your needs, they can suggest upgrades.