Looking At The Benefits Neighborhoods Enjoy With A Homeowner's Association

27 May 2016
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

One of the best parts of living the American dream is being able to own a home and property. When you were looking for your first home, you more than likely took a close look at the neighborhoods the homes were in. If a neighborhood looked bad and unkempt, you probably drove on past it to look elsewhere. Many of the nicest neighborhoods in America look that way because of the benefits provided by a homeowner's association (HOA). Check out some of the benefits provided by an HOA you and your family can enjoy.

Regulations Are For The Protection Of Aesthetics And Natural Settings

If you have driven through a neighborhoods that had one house with trash in the yard or the grass was extremely high, you can see how the protection and preservation of the environment and natural settings is important to a homeowner's dissociation. Making sure everyone's property remains clean and nicely landscaped is a huge benefit and helps your neighborhood always look attractive. This can be especially beneficial if you are trying to sell your home. Community areas like a park or neighborhood swimming pool are maintained as well. Most homeowner's associations have neighborhood regulations for helping to maintain the natural beauty of the land and the aesthetics of the homes on it. Some regulations that are common include:

  • Limitations about kinds of shrubbery, trees or flowers you can plant in your yard. In this way, you may never have to worry about your neighbor's tree shedding a ton of leaves onto your front lawn.

  • Limitations on the colors you can paint your home. With this regulation, you never have to worry about your neighbor acting on a crazy impulse and painting his or her home purple and pink.

  • You may only be able to put some types of decorations in your yard. This regulation prevents the huge collection of plastic pink flamingos and the whole family of ceramic gnomes living in one corner of your neighbor's front lawn.

  • Structures like sheds or detached garages may be limited to a certain size and some may have to match the home they go with. In this way, you never have to worry about your neighbor setting up an auto body shop out of the shed in his or her back yard.

While many people prefer not live in a neighborhood with strict rules and regulations, many others are glad to have the protection provided by them. If you are ready to live in a neighborhood you can be proud of when your family comes to visit, start checking out the ones that are regulated by  homeowner's associations, like Cornerstone Properties Inc.