Dealing With Ticks Inside Your Home

19 April 2016
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If you live near a wooded or brush area and you are afraid that you or your home may be infested by ticks, then you may want to know what to do about them. Fortunately, most ticks are unable to live in your home for very long, but the few that can may be a potential problem. In addition to finding out how they got inside your home, you may also want to know how to reduce their numbers in your yard and how to keep them off your pet.

Types of ticks commonly found around the home:

Several species of ticks are likely to latch on to you or your pets while you are outdoors and around your home. These include deer ticks, brown dog ticks, black-legged ticks and wood ticks. Some of these species can transmit disease, including Rocky Mountain spotted fever and lyme disease. All of these ticks can find their way into your home, but the dog tick is the one that is most likely to stay for a while and breed.

How ticks enter the home:

Unlike other pests, ticks don't purposely try to enter your home to look for food and water. They are usually carried in either on your pet, on your clothing or on your own body. Many people often don't notice ticks until long after they've brought them home. Most ticks don't live for more than a day before they begin to dry out due to lack of moisture. However, the brown dog tick prefers drier conditions and will begin breeding. Within a few months, you may notice even more ticks long after you thought you had gotten rid of them.

Getting rid of ticks once they're inside:

Anytime you come in from a hike or after being out in your yard, check for ticks on your pet or on yourself. Be sure to check in areas that are difficult to see or that you would think be an unusual place for ticks to hide. Protect your pet with collars or medication designed to repel ticks. After removing all the ticks you can find, wash your clothes in hot water and vacuum your rugs. Be sure to clear out clutter, as ticks and other pests can take refuge in those areas.

Ticks are usually something you don't need to worry about invading your home, except for a few species such as the brown dog tick. Any time you find a tick on you or your pet, make sure you remove it immediately and treat your clothing and home as soon as possible. If ticks are a chronic problem around your home, have a pest control company, such as Cavanaugh's Professional Termite & Pest Services, visit to assess the situation and apply the proper treatment.