Three Surprising Services A Property Management Company Can Offer Your Shopping Center

12 April 2016
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

Property management companies can do more than just collect rent and lease property in your shopping center. The right company can offer a variety of services that help your business grow and connect with both tenants and customers. Before you hire a property management company, ask if it offers any special services. Here are just a few surprising services you can request from your property management company.

Special Event Coordination

Whether your shopping center is hosting a fashion show or breakfast with Santa, your property management company can handle all of the important details for special events. Your manager can arrange for extra security, chair rental and catering for the events, and he or she can also handle vendor relations to make sure that all bills are paid. In addition to these services, the manager can also help with marketing to ensure your events are successful.

Energy-Efficient Practices

Your property manager can put new practices into place that save energy and reduce your monthly operation expenses. This could include switching to energy-saving light bulbs, switching the building to solar energy or starting a recycling program for the building. Once your green practices are put into place, your property management company can also help you with a marketing plan to advertise your property's commitment to environmentally conscious practices. Advertising your building's new energy initiatives can help your shopping center connect with new customers and build your positive reputation in your local community.

Emergency Preparedness

Having your shopping center ready for an emergency or disaster is an important part of managing your property. Your property manager can arrange for disaster preparedness drills and coordinate a safety program you can put in place in the event of an emergency. This could include evacuation procedures for fires or tornadoes. The management company can coordinate with your tenants to ensure everyone working in their businesses know what to do during an emergency. In addition, the building manager can coordinate with the local police department and fire department to perform inspections and host special safety events for the public.

Hiring the right commercial property management company means having someone who can be your partner in every aspect of your business, from security and safety to marketing. Look into plenty of options, like Bradley Scott, Inc. and others. Be sure to get a full list of services and determine which options are included in your contract. This will help you to determine which add-on services make the most sense for your shopping center.