Professional Staging Tips To Help Sell Your Home

25 February 2016
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

When selling a home, it is important to make the home look attractive and appealing to potential buyers. This will increase your chances of selling the home quickly at the price you are asking for. One way that professional realtors do this is by staging the home. This gives those who look at the home a better idea of the home's layout and how they can arrange their own belongings should they decide to buy it. These are some ways to stage a home to increase the chances that it will sell.

Thoroughly Cleaning The Home 

A home that is not clean is never appealing. If you plan on having your home shown to potential buyers, it needs to be clean from top to bottom. This includes cleaning all the floors, walls, ceilings, windows, doors, cabinetry and counter tops.

All woodwork, tile, chrome and glass in your home should be dust-free and streak-free. Be sure to pay special attention to the kitchen and bathrooms in your home. There should be no signs of grime, soap scum or mold visible.

De-cluttering The Home 

Make sure that all floors, tables, counters and other areas of the home are free from clutter. There should be no toys, clothing, newspaper or other items laying around for home viewers to see. This just takes up unnecessary space and makes the home look smaller than it actually is.

Entry ways and hallways should also be clutter free. Potential buyers need to see the actual width of these areas so they will know if their own belongings can be moved in easily should they decide to purchase the home.

Packing Up Personal Belongings 

It is also a good idea to pack away the personal items that you normally have displayed in your home. Things like pictures on the wall, trophies, picture albums and other belongings that are specifically referring to you and your family can be distracting when potential buyers are looking at your home.

Looking at personal belongings when viewing a home also makes it difficult for potential buyers to envision where there own belongings will be displayed in the home. The easier they can imagine themselves living in this home, the better the chances are that they may buy it.

Neutralizing The Rooms 

If you have rooms that look like they were designed specifically for a male or a female, it is best to neutralize these rooms so they are suitable for either sex. For instance, your daughter's fairy princess bedroom may become an adult male's home office.

You are more likely to sell the home if the buyer can easily see how he can use every room for his own needs. This can be done by adding a fresh coat of paint in a neutral color and window treatments that are fitting for both sexes.

Staging a home does not have to cost a fortune. The realtor can advise you how to do this or staging may also be included in the cost of the realtor fees for selling your home. The time it takes to have your home staged properly is truly worth it because it can make your sale much more successful.