Use Staging To Help Your Home Sell

16 December 2015
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For those with their home on the market, your real estate agent has likely provided you with tips on getting your property ready to sell, perhaps including the concept of staging. As its name suggests, staging means showcasing your home's finer points by the skillful use of accessories and furnishings. Additionally, staging can be as much about what potential buyers don't see, as what they do see. To learn more about how you can attract more buyers with a beautifully staged home, read on.

What Buyers Expect

Home decorating, remodeling and do-it-yourself television programming has never been more popular. So-called "nesting" shows on networks like HGTV that produces constant programming on making the most of your home space reaches as estimated 96 million homes now, and the influence of this programming on people who are shopping for a new home should not be underestimated. Many people now view homes with the expectation of seeing beautifully decorated rooms with upscale, color-coordinated accessories.

Professional Stagers

Services offered by staging professionals vary from consultations that come with suggestions for do-it-yourselfers to complete project management that might include completely removing your present furniture and bringing new furnishings and accessories. As might be expected, you must be already moved out of the home for this option. Prices vary by service and area of country.

D.I.Y Home Staging

Most people live in their home until it sells, so thankfully there are ways to spruce up your home and give it the look of professional staging without the expense or inconvenience.

1. Declutter: Bring attention to your home's best features and automatically make every room look larger by clearing away excess furniture and accessories. Since you will be (hopefully) moving soon, get a start on reducing the number of moving boxes and make your home look more attractive at the same time. Focus on your better, smaller-scaled pieces of furniture and a few, carefully selected accessories that highlight your color scheme. You can rent a portable storage unit to put your excess goods in, but make sure that it's not in the driveway when you begin your showings.

2. Rearrange: Take a fresh look at your old furniture and re-imagine it with a new use. For example, a dresser (sans the mirror) can be moved from a bedroom to a family room to be used as a tv table or to the dining room as a buffet server. Your bedroom will look bigger without the dresser and your family room will look trendier.

3. Colorize: Paint is an inexpensive way to freshen up your home's look. Help potential buyers to more easily visualize themselves living there by sticking to neutral tones throughout the home. Add some colorful fresh flowers in a vase on the coffee table, a bowl of luscious fruit on the kitchen counter and lots of colorful cushions on your couch.

You once fell in love with your home, so use these tips to ensure that buyers linger long enough to do the same.

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