How To Properly Pack Electronics For A Move

15 December 2015
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Electronics tend to be sensitive and to have a lot of moving pieces. When you try to move electronics to a new home, you run the risk of damaging your electronics or losing essential pieces of equipment. Taking careful steps when packing your electronics will help to make sure they are ready to set up when you get to your new home.  


Before you take apart stereo or computer equipment, you should label all the wires and where they go on your device. This will help to make reassembling the electronic equipment easier when you get to your new home. Even if you have saved your owner's manual, which should have set-up instructions, having carefully labeled cables and components will help to make sense of the instructions on the owner's manual. 


If possible, try to save the boxes that your electronics came in. You should also save any styrofoam that came with the electronics as these will help to protect the equipment from damage. If you can't or didn't save the packing boxes that came with your electronics, then try to find boxes that are just big enough for each piece of equipment. Avoid the impulse to throw all your electronics into one collective box. For further assistance, contact local professionals, such as those from

Dust Protection

Dust that sifts into your electronics through vents, ports, and other openings can cause sensitive electronics to malfunction. To prevent dust from getting inside your electronics, you should wrap them with linen cloth or clean paper before packing them away. 


Sometimes it is necessary to stow your electronics in a storage locker while you are waiting to get into a new home. Make sure you rent a climate controlled unit to protect your equipment from humidity, dust, precipitation, and other environmental factors. As a final layer of protection, you should cover your electronics with a packing blanket to protect them from any dust that does get into your locker. You might also want to store your electronics in the back of your locker and place less desirable objects in the front of your locker to deter any thieves that might try to break into your locker. 

Setting up your electronics after a stressful move for a little rest and relaxation only to find that your computer or TV has been damaged in the move is a horrible reality to have to contend with. Taking time to pack your electronics can help you to make sure that this is a reality you never have to face.