A Master Key System May Be A Good Option For Your Office Building

18 November 2015
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If you're looking for a way to simplify issuing and tracking the keys in your office suite, you may want to consider a master key system. Master keys help you maintain a balance between building security and convenience for your employees. Here's a look at how this type of system works.

Enhances Security

When you use a master key system, you don't have to worry about low-level employees having access to keys that operate computer rooms, executive areas, or financial offices. Instead, you can issue individual keys to employees that operate a supply closet or the office room where they are assigned, and the key will not work on other doors in the building. This allows you to lock up paper supplies and other rooms you may have left open for the sake of convenience.

When you have a master key as a back up, you don't have to worry about a lost key bringing the work in your office to a stop, since a supervisor will carry a master key that also works on several lower level locks. Plus, with a tracking system in place, you'll know what doors each individual key operates, so if a key is lost or stolen, the locksmith can restore security by rekeying only the affected doors.

Makes Key Management Easy

The commercial locksmith you use may even offer a key management system that helps you lay out your lock system and monitor it. Your locking system should follow a flowchart much like the administrative flowchart for your office. The key system can have two or more levels. For instance, you may give employees a key to their offices that only works on their own doors, and then give the supervisor a master key that works on all doors in the building. However, if you have a lot of offices that are broken into different types of operations, you can have multiple master key systems linked together with a grand master key.

In this case, you may have a master system set up for your executive offices and another set up for your employee office area. The two master keys are then operated by a grand master key that is held by the building manager. This allows quick access to any door in the building without having to fumble through a ring of keys. This saves time during an emergency, such as a fire or medical crisis.

While a master key system eliminates confusion and problems with managing a huge number of keys, it is still necessary to track which employee is given which key and what part of the building the employee has access to. That way you'll know which doors need to be rekeyed if an employee quits and doesn't return the office key.

The commercial locksmith that installs your system should supply you with a key map. This lets you know at a glance who controls which keys even if your system is several layers deep. The map is also valuable when it comes time to rekey cylinders. For that reason, in addition to installing new master locks, the locksmith service, such as Irvine Lock & Key, may keep a copy of your system layout and provide a management service that helps you maintain the security of your building.