Three Window Solutions To Give Your Home Storm Protection And Energy Efficiency

17 November 2015
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

If you live in an area that is prone to storms, having good protection can reduce damage to your home. Some of the improvements you may want to consider for storm protection include updates to your windows, which can also help make your home more energy efficient. If you want both energy efficiency and storm protection, here are some improvements that you may want to consider for the windows in your home:

1. Shutters To Protect Your Windows 

Shutters can be a great improvement to protect your home. There are many different choices of styles to have installed. If you want to have an affordable solution, more traditional shutters that are operated manually will be the best choice. If you want more automation for your home, you may want to consider having rollup storm shutters installed, which can also have controls to open and close them.

2. Window Replacements To Update Old Windows

Old windows tend to be an area of homes where a lot of energy is lost. They may also have tin glass. To give your home more protection, you can have replacement windows installed. These can be double pane windows that have more insulating and better protection from storms. You can even have tempered glass installed on windows that are vulnerable to damage during storms.

3. Using Window Film To Improve Older Glass In Existing Windows

Window film is another option that you may want to consider to improve windows. This is like the window tint you have installed on your car. It will help protect your home from heat loss and gain. Window films can also make the glass in your home shatter resistant to give your windows more protection from storm damage.

4. Adding Window Treatments For Energy Efficiency And Storm Protection

There are also window treatments that you can add to the inside of your home. You can use things like curtains to help provide your home with more insulation and stop cold drafts. Colonial shutters are installed on the inside of your windows and can help protect your home from broken glass during a storm, as well as help control natural light in areas of your home that get a lot of direct sunlight.

These are some of the improvements you may want to do to your windows to give your home storm protection and energy efficiency. If you are building a new home, talk with your custom home builder, such as Zicka Homes, about some of these window features.