4 Advantages Of Renting A House Instead Of An Apartment In A Complex

9 November 2015
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

As you look for a place to rent, consider the advantages of living in a house instead of an apartment complex. Many nice houses, both older and relatively new, are available for an affordable rental price. People often find that these options feel homier and offer positive features not as typical of apartment buildings, such as:

  • A Garage. Some apartment complexes have garages or underground parking. Nevertheless, it's more common for these facilities to have parking lots with designated spaces. You should have an easier time finding a garage when you look for a house to rent. The garage may be detached, as that is prevalent with older homes.
  • A Yard. With an apartment complex unit, you might have a small patio or balcony of your own, but you're not likely to have a spacious yard. If you rent a house, however, you're more likely to have a yard where you may even be able to plant a vegetable or flower garden. You might be able to keep lawn furniture there and hang up a clothesline. Keep in mind that you most likely will be responsible for cutting the grass.
  • More Charming Floor Plans. Apartments in complexes tend to be relatively generic in design. That generic design can lead to an institutional-like feel to the residence. In contrast, when you look at houses for rent, you may find an intriguing variety of floor plans. You may look at ranch houses, bungalows, Cape Cod 1-1/2 story designs and others. In addition, you may have access to a big front porch or an enclosed porch, a somewhat common feature of older houses.
  • No Strangers Living in Your Building. In a complex, you may have dozens or even hundreds of neighbors living in the same building you do. That can lead to problems with noise, cooking odors and having to deal with a multitude of personalities, some of which you may find difficult to get along with. When you rent a house, your closest neighbors will be those who live in houses next door, across the yard to the back, and across the street. 

The advantages of renting a house make it an appealing option for many people. To determine whether it's the right choice for you, start by comparing rent prices and locations of apartments in complexes with those of houses for rent. Decide which residential features most appeal to you. Then you'll be ready to make a smart choice for your next home.