5 Ways To Feel Satisfied With A Small Studio Apartment

4 November 2015
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

If you're feeling discouraged because the only nice apartments for rent you can afford by yourself are small studios, don't give up the opportunity to have a place of your own. Consider some ways to manage life in a studio apartment and feel very satisfied with your abode. 

1. Choosing Light Colors for Decor

Lighter colors make a room feel more spacious and airy. Particularly if you need to furnish your own window treatments, avoid dark, heavy drapes or curtains. You'll want as much natural light as possible.

2. Making the Bed Every Day

It's common for people in a studio apartment to sleep on furniture that doubles as a bed. Consider options such as a:

  • fold-out couch
  • futon
  • day bed
  • chair bed

Make the bed every day by putting that furniture back together. It will keep the place feeling less like a big bedroom and more like living space. You also won't need to feel hesitant about spontaneously inviting somebody over to your apartment after work or class. 

3. Having Guests Overnight

One point of concern with a studio apartment is sharing a sleeping area when having a friend or relative stay overnight. You can make that situation more comfy for your guests by providing them with a bed of their own. You can do that by buying an airbed or an additional piece of furniture that doubles as a bed. Your living room might easily accommodate a fold-out couch and a chair bed, for example.

4. Throwing a Dinner Party

If you like entertaining, you may feel sad thinking that you can't ever have a group of people over for dinner. Your studio may not easily fit a dozen guests, but it may comfortably seat more people than you think.

Everybody doesn't have to sit at a little table in the kitchen area. A few of your guests can be seated there while others make themselves comfortable in the area you use as a living room. You may be able to fit a few padded folding chairs and a couple of folding side tables in that room, then pack them back up until next time. 

5. Celebrating Your Savings

On those days when you wish you had a bigger place, remember the money you're saving by renting this affordable studio. You may be able to spend more on fun activities than you would otherwise, or you might concentrate on building a savings account. Pat yourself on the back for being responsible and not having to worry how to pay the rent for a bigger apartment.