Tips For A Condo Open House

3 November 2015
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

If you are working up to selling your condo, setting up an open house in this type of environment can be a little different than a traditional home. With a little bit of planning on your part, you can make your condo easy to access for guests while at the same time keeping your neighbors safety in mind. Here are four tips for a successful condo open house.

1. Let Your Neighbors Know

If there will be lots of people in your hallway, let your neighbors know what is going on. You may want to alert your downstairs neighbors as well because of increased foot traffic. In gated communities, it can be helpful for your neighbors to know there will be house hunters coming through so that this doesn't raise alert if guests look out of place.

2. Make Your Condo Easy to Access

Some condos can be harder to access than others. If you have exterior gates and doors, this can be a selling point for security but a hassle when it comes to accessing an open house. Your realtor might be able to bring in another realtor or associate to help with this. If not, you or a friend can man the entry gate or external doors in order to alleviate access issues.

3. Play Up External Features

If you can, find a way for potential home buyers to walk the grounds so they can appreciate gyms, mailrooms, laundry areas and pools. This can be added to the initial route to the open house in order for guests to get a chance to see everything offered. Another possibility is to hand out a map of the grounds so they can see amenities on the way out.

4. Keep Things Secure

It is better to have folks man the doors than prop open gates during open houses. Do what you can to escort guests to and from an open house. Don't leave condo gates and doors wide open putting your neighbors at risk. This is also crucial if you are still living in your condo when it is being shown. Make sure that your realtor isn't running out to open doors and take phone calls leaving your home unattended by ensuring they have help.

Condo open houses are doable, but might take a little more creativity on you and your realtor's part. Setting this up so that guests can seamlessly see everything that your space has to offer will ultimately make your condo more marketable. Do what you can to make your open house inviting for guests while keeping your current neighbors safe.

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