3 Ways Commercial Drone Videography Can Be Of Benefit To Real Estate

23 July 2021
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If you're in real estate, it's vital to keep up with the current trends in marketing to have a competitive edge. Apart from listing the properties on various platforms, you can take your marketing strategies to a new level by incorporating commercial drone videography. Drones can perform a lot of functions such as taking aerial photographs, generating 3D models of properties and listing, drone imagery, and mapping. However, operating a drone may require seeking a license or employing a drone pilot. Read More 

Look For These Amenities in a Beach Rental if You’re Expecting a Long Stay

8 July 2021
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Staying on the beach can be so much fun! However, you do want to make sure you choose the right beachfront condo to rent. What you need to look for in a rental will largely depend on how long you plan on staying. If you're planning a longer stay, such as a 2 or 3-week vacation, here are some amenities that will come in really handy. A Well-Equipped Kitchen If you were only staying on the beach for a few days, you will probably want to go out to eat each night and enjoy the local fare. Read More 

Pets? Cigarette Smoke? Tips For Dealing With These Problems When Selling Your Single Family Home

23 June 2021
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While every homeowner hopes their property will look pristinely clean when buyers view it, some will face more challenges than others in trying to make that happen. In particular, homeowners who have noticeable odor issues caused by either pets or cigarette smoke can struggle to make their home feel clean and fresh, even when every room is in good order.  If you are worried about these types of odor problems, the following tips can help you remove stubborn smells and improve your home's ability to appeal to qualified buyers. Read More 

4 Ways To Find Family Homes For Sale

9 June 2021
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When you dive into real estate investing, buying family homes is a great starting point. These properties have many benefits that attract newbie investors. If you want to purchase a home in the ideal market, you must know how to find the right property.  Whether you're buying to hold, rent, or build a portfolio, you need to do due diligence on current market trends. For your family home investments to fulfill your investment goals, you should consult real estate professionals and realtors who specialize in these kinds of homes. Read More 

5 Qualities To Consider In A Realtor

30 April 2021
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If you want to purchase a home soon, it is important to work with the right Realtor. This professional can help you find the type of house you're looking for and look out for your best interests. However, there are many Realtors, so selecting the right one can be tricky. Here are a few qualities you should look for to find one of the best Realtors in your area. Good Listening Skills Read More