New Dog Owner? 3 Reasons Why A Two-Bedroom Apartment Can Be Ideal

16 January 2023
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

Searching for a new apartment can be an exciting time, with many questions and considerations about what you want your living space to be like. As a new dog owner, you could have even more questions about the ideal apartment. Instead of choosing a small space and regretting it later, consider the benefits of renting a two-bedroom apartment when you're sharing it with a dog. 

Office Space

Having a dedicated office space is helpful if you occasionally work from home or work remotely full-time. Not only can it make getting work done so much easier since it's separate from the rest of your living space, but it may also be possible to write off the room in your taxes as a business expense. 

When you're new to owning a dog, you may not yet understand just how demanding they can be. Regardless of how old your dog is, being able to close the door to your office can be so helpful. A 2-bedroom apartment rental makes it easy to dedicate a space to an office where you can keep your dog out. 


As a new dog owner, you may not have had guests over yet in your current home. If you have, you likely already know how excited your dog could be when you have people over. Whether you have friends visiting or maintenance working on your apartment, it can be frustrating for your dog to jump up on people. 

Having two bedrooms makes it easy to separate your dog from any guests and keep them somewhere quiet to relax. This can be so useful if you ever host a party and don't want your dog locked in your bedroom or bathroom.  


Training your new dog can be difficult when you're confined in a small space. Having more room in the apartment can make training much easier, along with creating space for time-outs. Short time-outs can be an effective form of discipline, making a two-bedroom apartment so helpful with the extra space it offers.

Finding the ideal apartment can be challenging for a new dog owner. While amenities and being in a good neighborhood are both good things to look for, the size and number of bedrooms can also significantly affect how happy you are with your rental. Consider the above advantages of renting a two-bedroom apartment when you're a new dog owner so you'll feel good signing a lease and moving in together.