Location Matters When Choosing A Senior Living Apartment

13 January 2022
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

The decision to transition to a senior living apartment community is often a great move. Not only do you have the opportunity to move away from much of the stress of homeownership, but you also get to call a community full of like-minded people home. To get even more out of your move, you should be considerate of the location of the community. If you are not sure why location is important, learn more.


Research what type of amenities are nearby. While your favorite restaurant or boutique might be on the other side of town, you want to have access to the places that can satisfy your everyday needs nearby, such as a grocery store or pharmacy. Ideally, these services should be located within a few miles or a few minutes' drive from the community. Even better, if these services offer a delivery option, you can get access to the things you need on the days when you do not want to go out. 

Medical Services

You should also be mindful of the medical services that are in the nearby area. Again, if your primary doctor is not located right around the corner from the community, it does not have to be a dealbreaker. Yet, an ideal community is one that has a hospital or urgent care facility nearby in the case of an emergency or emergent medical need. A property management representative can give you more info about what is nearby if you need help.

Friends and Family

If you have children or close friends in the area, you may also want to look for an apartment community that is near their home or work. This step is especially important if you rely on these individuals for any of your regular needs, such as transportation. Keep in mind, some senior apartment communities allow you to give property and unit access to these individuals, so if anything ever happens, they can get to you easier.   

Traffic and Transportation

As you get older, your desire to drive frequently may decline. For this reason, a senior living community in a location with access to public transportation is always helpful. However, if you prefer not to take public transportation, easy access to major roads and highways is another positive. It is also worth noting that some senior communities also offer in-house shuttle services that will take residents to nearby locations, such as the grocery store. 

Keep all these factors in mind as you go on a search for a senior living apartment complex to call home.