List Your House Solo Or Hire A Realtor? What Should You Do?

12 February 2020
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

When it comes to selling your house, you have two options: you can either list your house for sale by owner or you can list it with a professional realtor. Depending on your experience and your budget, one of these options may be more suitable than another. So, how can you determine which way is the best way for you to go? 

Benefits of Listing For Sale By Owner

If you have a little bit of experience listing properties on your own before or if you plan on being home a lot, then listing your house for sale by owner may be a good idea. When you have the freedom and flexibility in your schedule to show your house whenever someone wants to see it, then listing it on your own may work for you. The biggest benefit of listing a house for sale by owner is that you don't have to pay your realtor any commission, which is typically around 3%, depending on the agent that you are working with. 

Benefits of Listing Your House With a Realtor

A lot of people like to use a professional realtor to list their house for a variety of reasons. Typically, the benefits outweigh any potential issues. Benefits include: 

They Can Pull Comps: When you hire a real estate agent, they will pull all of the comparisons of houses that have similar square footage in your neighborhood. By seeing what they have sold for, your agent can give you a better idea of what price you should list yours at. 

They Have Connections: All real estate agents have connections with other real estate agents and even potential buyers. The great thing about this is they can help bring more serious buyers into your home and sell it faster. Additionally, they will be able to put your house on the MLS which is a huge website with all active real estate listings that other people can access. All of these connections essentially mean that your house will get more traffic to help it sell faster. 

They Have Professional Photographers: When you list your house and post it online if you have poor pictures, it's going to make your house look unprofessional, but when you have professional photographs, then it will look better. 

Now that you have the pros and cons of both listing your house for sale by owner and privately, then you can decide which choice is the best for you. Speak with a realtor like Danielle Edwards Re/Max for more information.