Buying A House? 3 Tips To Help You Enjoy Quiet Living

21 January 2020
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

When you moved into the rental property that you live in now, you may have tried to prioritize things that would provide you with quiet living. This is something that you may also be interested in doing when buying a home because your family may appreciate peace and quiet inside.

While a house with exceptional insulation and sound dampening on the inside will help you accomplish this goal, you should also analyze several outdoor features and qualities.

Front Yard

Understanding where most noise will come from is important because it should make it easier to prioritize certain qualities in a house. For instance, you may find that the road and sidewalk is where a lot of noise happens because of pedestrians and cars that pass by on a regular basis.

To minimize how much of this kind of noise you hear, you should get a large front yard that puts the house at a great distance from the street and sidewalk. Being 20 to 30 feet away from cars and pedestrians means that a person or vehicle would have to be really loud for you to hear.


In addition to a large front yard, you should consider getting a fence that surrounds the whole property as this will help with noise reduction. A solid fence will do a better job than a chain-link fence or picket fence, so you should make this quality a top priority while house hunting.

When you are looking at homes that you like and find that some of them come with neighboring homes and backyards that are pretty close, you will also benefit from a backyard fence. This feature can block out noise when your neighbors are spending time in their own backyard.


While looking at property listings online, you will likely find that most or all the photos focus on the property and house. This makes it tough to analyze the location, which means you will need to look elsewhere to do thorough research and figure out more about the location of each home.

For instance, you may find a nice home that is located in an area where a lot of construction is planned for the foreseeable future. This is a situation that you may want to avoid when you are interested in enjoying quiet living as soon as you move in until you decide to sell the property.

Quiet living is something that you can look forward to when following these tips to buy a home.