Signs That You Need to Sell Your Home and Buy Something Bigger

28 November 2016
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

People choose to sell their homes and move for a wide range of reasons, including those that aren't necessarily overt. While you might specifically know that it's time to sell your home when you take a new job across the city and want your commute to be shorter, there are other times that you'll have to watch for some signs that it's time to sell your home and buy something bigger. Here are some indicators that it's time to hire a real-estate agent, put your home on the market, and get searching for more square footage.

Your Family Is Having Space-Related Conflicts

When a family lives in a home that is too small for its needs, space-related conflicts are common. In many cases, however, you might not associate these conflicts with the size of your home; instead, it's easy to dismiss such conflicts by thinking people are just grumpy. However, if you find that you and your spouse are snippy with each other because you're always bumping into each other in the kitchen or your teenagers are constantly fighting because one of them is hogging the bathroom, you could be dealing with a home that is too small.

You're Spending Too Much on Self-Storage

Renting a self-storage locker is an effective way to keep some of your possessions, but the use of this service can add up financially. If you find that you're constantly needing to increase the size of your storage locker—and are having to pay heftier bills each time you move up to a larger locker—this could be a sign that your home is too small and that you need to buy a bigger one. Storage can often be an issue in small homes, especially if you're the type of family that amasses possessions quickly or has trouble throwing things out.

Your Income Has Increased Since You Bought Your Home

When you bought your home, it likely suited your budget at the time. However, if you and your spouse are making considerably more money now, you may have outgrown the home financially. There's no point in struggling with the challenges of a small house if you can afford more square footage; even an extra 500 square feet can really make a difference to your family's lifestyle. Consider the state of your finances, decide how much you can afford to spend on a new home, and then contact a real-estate agent to get the ball rolling.