Selling Your Home And Carpet: 3 Things To Consider When Deciding To Replace Or Remove

27 October 2016
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

There are a number of features your real estate agent will advise you to consider before putting your home on the market. One such feature is wall-to-wall carpeting. If your home current contains wall-to-wall carpeting and you're trying to decide whether to replace or remove, take a look at the three considerations below.

Consider What Type of Flooring is Underneath the Carpet

One of the most helpful things to consider when deciding whether to completely remove your wall-to-wall carpeting or to replace it is what type of flooring is underneath. Hardwood flooring, for example, can be an excellent feature to add to your home. So, if you have good condition hardwood flooring in your home but it's currently covered by carpeting, you may want to go with complete removal of the carpet. On the other hand, linoleum may be something you'd like to downplay or remove from the equation altogether. In this case, replacement of any carpeting which covers linoleum in your home may be the way to go.

Consider What Local Buyers Are Looking For

When you work with a local real estate agent, you have one advantage over home sellers who're going it alone, and that's knowledge of what local buyers are looking for. With this knowledge, your real estate agent can help you decide whether replacement or removal of wall-to-wall carpeting is your best option.

If your real estate agent is active in the local market, they can likely answer a number of questions regarding what buyers are looking for. Such questions will include how local buyers view wall-to-wall carpeting and what kinds of flooring the local market is looking for. For example, if the neighborhood is full of young families, local buyers may be looking for homes without carpeting so they can avoid the risk of introducing their children to unnecessary allergens (as carpets tend to hold on to allergens more than hardwood or tile).

Consider the Style You're Going for During Staging

Even if your home isn't yet listed on the market, it's important to think ahead and consider how you'd like to style your home during the selling process. For example, if you live in a small home but want to make the rooms appear larger and the space appear to be more connected, then you may want to consider removing the wall-to-wall carpeting and having the same flooring installed throughout your home. Without carpeting, you may also find that throw rugs add a touch of warmth without compromising the rest of your home's cohesiveness.

To learn more about the home features that buyers are looking for in your area, consult with a local real estate agent like Greenville Metropolitan today.