Curious About Saving Money On Your Rent? 3 Ways To Make It Happen

7 June 2016
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If you're eager to start renting an apartment of your own either due to moving out of parent's home or just looking for a change of pace, you may be concerned with the high cost of rent in some areas. Before you write off a neighborhood or even a city due to high rent, it's a good idea that you look into how you can reduce your rent without sacrificing on square footage or amenities. Many people are unaware that discounts can be available through negotiating and speaking to the landlord further, making the following ideas truly helpful if getting a reasonable rent.

Check if the Landlord Needs Any Work Done Around the Apartment

An easy way to get a lower rent is by checking if your future landlord will need any work done in the apartment, in the form of landscaping work or even repair jobs around the building. If you have any special skills, including everything from managing websites to tree trimming, you may discover that the landlord will offer you a discount on rent in exchange for your services.

If this is a possibility, it's important that you get everything clearly written out on the lease so that you can maintain the discount over the years as long as you continue providing assistance.

Increase the Term of Your Rental Agreement for a Rent Cut

If you intend on living in the same place for an extended period of time, it's a good idea to ask about whether discounts are offered for long-term tenants. By agreeing to a 6-month or 1-year lease over a month-to-month agreement, you don't need to worry about overpaying on rent when it can be avoided.

Along with checking to see if you can have a lowered rent through an increased rental agreement, you'll want to take this opportunity to ask about whether the landlord guarantees your rent will not increase during your stay.

Negotiate the Rent with Nearby Prices to Back You Up

When you begin comparing apartments, you may have your set on a specific apartment unit due to the floor it's on or the impressive view it offers. Whatever reason that the apartment stands out to you, it may not be worth overpaying compared to more affordable apartment units nearby. By compiling a list of other apartments nearby that are at a lower price point, you can discuss this with the landlord and see if a rent reduction is possible.

Before signing a lease for any apartment, it's a smart idea to look into whether there are any ways that you can cut costs. 

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