Weighing Apartment Amenities: Which Ones Can You Live Without?

1 December 2015
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

When looking at apartment rentals, you are probably concerned with both the price and the available amenities in each apartment unit. You can often get a better deal on rent by settling for an apartment without certain features. You'll need to weigh the benefits and drawbacks to determine which apartment is the right fit for you. Here are a few ways to determine which amenities you can live without and which ones are absolutely necessary for your next new apartment.

How Will The Lack Of Features Impact Your Everyday Life?

Some people don't mind making a trip to the laundromat, while others insist on having a washer and dryer in the apartment. Similarly, some people are perfectly fine with washing dishes by hand instead of having a dishwasher. When you look at the different features of each apartment, you'll need to ask yourself what you can live without and which features are deal breakers. You may be happy to wash dishes by hand but insist on having a washing machine in your apartment. Think about how the lack of amenities will impact your everyday life and your ability to keep the apartment clean and tidy before you select a new rental unit.

Can You Customize The Apartment?

In some cases, you may be able to work with your landlord to customize the apartment. If you are planning on staying in the unit for several years and you don't mind taking on an initial cost to repair or upgrade the unit, you and the landlord may be able to reach an agreement on upgrades, such as installing a dishwasher or garbage disposal. Be sure to get the landlord's agreement to any changes in writing to protect yourself, and determine whether or not any new appliances or additions to the apartment will remain in the unit after you move out.

How Much Will You Save In Rent?

Your decision may ultimately come down to dollars and cents. If you'll only be saving a small amount of money by giving up amenities, you may want to consider going for the more expensive apartment. Sometimes it can be better for your overall happiness at home to spend a bit more to get the right place to meet your needs. Be sure to look at your finances and come up with a reasonable price range for the ideal apartment. As long as the rental unit fits within your budget, you can make the case for splurging a little on a place with in-unit laundry, a water jet bathtub, or a spacious balcony.

Be sure to take your time when looking at apartment rentals like Pacific Properties, and don't feel pressured to make a decision right away. You should feel comfortable and confident when you sign the lease for your new home.